Released in 2015, "Energy Over Distance" features 14 songs for solo acoustic guitar written and produced by Bob McAlpine.  The simultaneous playing of melodies, bass lines, chords, and even solo leads, culminates in a varied fingerstyle collection of simply hard-to-believe, no-overdub performances.

Bob McAlpine released his first solo CD - "Only A Fool Would Play That" (a collection of Steely Dan songs performed on solo guitar) in 2009, marking his debut in the genre of fingerstyle guitar. All 13 tracks from this recording showcase Bob's meticulous solo guitar arrangements (no overdubs) of these classic songs. All selections (11 electric, 2 acoustic) were performed, produced and arranged for solo guitar by Bob McAlpine.

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"Energy Over Distance" - Reviews:

" thing (of many!) that makes Bob McAlpine such a pleasure to listen to is that which makes many great fingerstyle guitarists truly great - his use of incorporating aspects of a full band with only one pair of hands...listening to this album aspiring ascent to an elevated plateau of pure musicality rife with energy of the best kind."

-Modern Fingerstyle Guitar

"Like other good fingerstylists, McAlpine always keeps the melody out front, and stays away from merely noodling around on the fretboard"..."if you hear more than one guitar part, then it's his playing in true fingerstyle that stands out on all 14 tracks."

-Minor 7th Acoustic Guitar Reviews

"This recording is intimate, musical, and showcases the incredible technique that Bob possesses."

 -JazzFM 91.1

"Only A Fool Would Play That" - Reviews:

"The criminally underrated Toronto guitarist Bob McAlpine here attempts the impossible (hence the title): to put across thirteen Steely Dan classics on solo guitar, sans overdubs. The enterprise is a resounding success. Managing the Dan's distinctive chord changes and basslines should be chore enough for one real-time pass, but McAlpine also spells Becker and Fagen's melodies with accuracy and panache, and solos up a storm to boot. The sense of R&B groove is strong throughout, and the guitar is recorded with crystalline fidelity. McAlpine, a longtime member of the Canadian Dan trib Pretzel Logic, must have been formulating this solo project for some time now; it has been well worth the wait. Highly recommended!"

-Don Breithaupt
Author, Steely Dan's Aja (Continuum, 2007)


"... a gorgeous, precise, clean & tidy, exact approach [mental] and execution [technical]. With tone to match. It takes a Beautiful, Major League Mind to attempt this repertoire, with solo, bare-naked, high-wire derring-do. And Bob pulls it off with style & elegance. Outstanding guitar work."

-Rik Emmett (legendary Canadian guitarist, formerly of Triumph)


"Bob's solo recording of Steely Dan songs is really amazing. I'm tempted to sing along because I know all these songs, but his technique and the arrangements are so good that I force myself to shut up and listen!"

-Carl Verheyen (premier LA session player and guitarist for Supertramp since 1985)